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It’s not uncommon for filmmakers to produce technically superb documentaries, showcasing how proficient they are at operating a camera, editing footage and post production, but somehow fall short in creating a watchable and compelling film (for people other than hard-core fans). And it seems sport based films are particularly susceptible to this problem of the technical quality of images trumpeting content - a good story.


One way to address this problem is to use proven documentary techniques such as a formal interview, b-roll to help place the interview in context and additional footage expanding and covering the story as outlined by the interviewee.


Thankfully, MOTO 4: The Movie does this and more.


The fourth installment in the Moto: The Movie series is high in production values, producing a cinematic viewing experience. It also provides compelling portraits of each rider.


Based around a series of interviews with well known riders, the film provides both a glimpse into each rider’s private life and captures their riding ability with great cinematography. Each profile is short, with no introduction of the rider other than a name graphic. In most cases the rider is filmed at their residence, talking about a typical training day, their lifestyle and, in some cases, deeper thoughts about riding and racing.


MOTO 4: The Movie
Source: MOTO 4: The Movie

Apart from interviews, the film includes fantastic footage of each rider, either on their private track or in publicly accessible areas near where they live or train.


The movie’s emphasis is obviously on fun and enjoyment of riding dirt bikes. This comes through strongly and is a testament to the filmmakers ability to capture the riders’ commitment to their sport. Throughout the movie, slow motion and cinematic aerial footage show dirt bikes being pushed to their limits by very talented and skillful riders. Big jumps and fast desert riding show what thousands of hours of dedication to your chosen sport can produce.


MOTO 4: The Movie
Sourec: MOTO 4: The Movie

There is little technical information about the bikes or how to ride them; instead, the film celebrates each rider’s enthusiasm for their sport and, in a compelling way, connects their life with their sport. They all love riding dirt bikes.


MOTO 4: The Movie runs 53 minutes in HD format with a soundtrack to match the footage.


Check out the trailer below - learn more about and purchase the movie at motoXcinema.


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