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If Moto 4: The Movie was focused on the rider, looking at why they ride and showcasing some pretty impressive footage of their prodigious talent, then The Assignment Inc’s new film, Moto 5: The Movie, seems to take a step back, in a good way, and focuses a little more on the fun of riding and, in particular, the environments they ride in.


This direction provides fertile ground for filmmakers to explore how different terrain draws out different possibilities for riding.


Of course, Moto 5 still profiles a handful of super talented MX riders. Each rider provides commentary about their life and why they ride dirt bikes.


And there’s a mountain of slow motion and aerial footage.

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AMA Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame, Theresa Wallach
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The overland motorcycle route from the UK to Cape Town, South Africa was made famous by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman in their 2007 “Long Way Down” trip. With modern, large capacity BMW touring motorcycles, backup vehicles and all the communication, navigation and camping technology money can buy, the two friends made a popular TV series documentary of their overland adventure.


It’s worth watching.


However, motorcyclists have been travelling this way for years and perhaps one of the more arduous journeys was undertaken by motorcycle pioneer Theresa Wallach, and her friend Florence Blenkiron, in 1935.

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Adventure Motorcycling Handbook Cover
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People ride bikes for all sorts of reasons; in fact, there’s probably too many to list. Some mostly ride for fun on weekends or for short trips over a day or two, while others use their bike to commute to work or school, a strictly utilitarian form of transport. Then there’s a small minority that undertake adventure travels on their bike to exotic locations. With the emphasis on adventure.


If adventure is in your blood and you ride a bike, Chris Scott’s book, Adventure Motorcycling: A Route & Planning Guide is a fun read and a very handy resource as you prepare for that big adventure.

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MOTO 4: The Movie Poster
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It’s not uncommon for filmmakers to produce technically superb documentaries, showcasing how proficient they are at operating a camera, editing footage and post production, but somehow fall short in creating a watchable and compelling film (for people other than hard-core fans). And it seems sport based films are particularly susceptible to this problem of the technical quality of images trumpeting content - a good story.


One way to address this problem is to use proven documentary techniques such as a formal interview, b-roll to help place the interview in context and additional footage expanding and covering the story as outlined by the interviewee.


Thankfully, MOTO 4: The Movie does this and more.

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