Skully Helmet P1
Source: Skully Helmet P1


Skully Helmets have demonstrated their P1 helmet with an integrated Heads-Up Display (HUD) system. Although there are obvious benefits with a properly implemented HUD system for motorcyclists, few solutions for riders are being brought to the market. A couple of manufactures, namely Oakley with their Airwave Goggles and Recon Instruments’ Jet and Snow Goggles, have products catering for skiers and cyclists. The Skully P1 helmet uses an "advanced situational awareness system to show navigation and blind spot data to the rider through the HUD," with an integrated rear view camera system providing a 180 degree viewing angle. Built-in electronics include GPS Sat Nav turn-based mapping and smartphone integration with Bluetooth pairing and voice control. The helmet has a tri-composite shell with an anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-glare face shield. Testing of the P1 in underway for an anticipated market release in 2014.

SOURCE/PHOTO: Skully Helmets