Bike Systems Bike HUD
Source: Bike Systems, Bike HUD


It seems like 2014 will be the year when Head-Up Display technology finally makes its way into motorcycling. Bike Systems, a British Company, have stated they will launch a new HUD product for motorcyclists by the end of 2013. The Bike HUD has three modes covering commuting, touring and track racing. Each mode presents data specific to the type of activity, for example, the track mode displays lap times and a session countdown timer. Commuter and touring modes present information like engine data, speed, turn indicators, gear selector and a fuel mileage countdown. Bike and engine data is captured with a small cell phone size computer unit mounted on the bike that also has a GPS module. The HUD unit is mounted inside the helmet with the screen positioned just below the eye and is powered by your bike. Check their website for further information.

SOURCE/PHOTO: Bike Systems