2014 Zero FX Stealthfighter
Source: Zero, FX Stealthfighter


Zero Motorcycles have updated their electric bikes for 2014 and signalled that future bike development will be based on three models: The Zero S Streetfighter with a performance R version, a dual-sport Zero DS model and the fun looking Zero FX Stealthfighter. Across the range of 2014 bikes, Zero have upgraded many components with a focus on better suspension, new triple clamps and brake improvements. The S and DS models get a new Power Tank option to extend range. Aesthetic and aerodynamic changes include a redesigned headlight and cockpit layout with new instrumentation. The Zero FX, with it’s lightweight urban, supermoto configuration and aggressive look, features new twin headlights as part of the front end makeover. Added rider comfort is gained through a new seat along with the suspension and chassis upgrades Zero have rolled out across all models.

SOURCE/PHOTO: Zero Motorcycles