Teenage Engineering, Pocket Operator Factory PO-16
Source: Teenage Engineering, Factory PO-16


There’s often lots of downtime when travelling, waiting for flights in departure lounges is one example. So if you’re the creative type and like to make music in your spare time, check out Teenage Engineering’s new Pocket Operator, it's available as three different devices, the Rhythm PO-12, a drum synthesiser and sequencer, the Sub PO-14, a bass line synthesiser and sequencer, and the Factory PO-16, a melody synthesiser and sequencer. This looks like a fun way to create music using your thumbs, and the pocket sized devices have quirky animated graphics on a small LCD display, real synthesiser engines, a sync mode, punch-in effects, a built-in speaker, and even an alarm clock. A silicone case is available for each model.

SOURCE/PHOTO: Teenage Engineering