Rotorvox Gyrocopter


What is a autogyro (sometimes referred to as a gyroplane or gyrocopter)? In short, it’s a rotorcraft with an unpowered main rotor, unlike a helicopter, that generates thrust and lift through an aircraft style propeller typically mounted at the rear of the craft. Developed by a Spanish engineer in the 1920s, the autogyro is mainly a private or general aviation class aircraft and a great way to get into owning and flying your own machine. The Rotorvox Gyrocopter is a relatively new manufacturer in the autogyro field with an aesthetically pleasing design, a full monocoque carbon fibre cabin for two people in a side-by-side configuration, powered by a 115 hp Rotax 914 UL turbo engine. Range is around 500 km (270 nm) with a cruse speed of 130 km/h.